Is ayurvedic treatment beneficial for Prostate Enlargement?

Nowadays, the problem of Prostate Enlargement is increasing day by day due to various issues and lifestyle changes in the men. Basically, prostate gland is shaped like a walnut around which the urethra is wrapped, by which urine passes out from the body. However, this problem is related to the male reproductive system.

If you talk about the enlarged prostate treatment, many of the experts have found numerous options for that. In allopathy, various medications are there like, alpha-blockers, antibiotics, that help in relieving the symptoms of Prostate enlargement.

ayurvedic treatment beneficial for Prostate Enlargement

On the other hand, if you see ayurvedic treatment for prostate enlargement, our ayurvedic experts call it as Vatasthila. Because they think that this problem is due to imbalance of Vata Dosha. It means the person has to avoid Vata aggravating food. It is inclusive of dry, cold, bitter, light food, pungent tastes, etc.

.Ayurvedic treatments for prostate enlargement.









Furthermore, the ayurvedic treatment of prostate enlargement delivers positive results if the individual follows it regularly while taking care of the precautions. So, let’s talk about some ayurvedic treatments for prostate enlargement


  1. Pygeum

It is the African plum extract that has lots of fatty acids, alcohols and sterols in the form of beta-sitosterol that directly affect the urogenital tract. According to some studies, it is found that if men will take 100 to 200 mg of pygeum extract on a daily basis, then the symptoms of BPH will reduce drastically.


  1. Gokshura

It is also known as gokhru or  gokshura, which is an herb, used in Ayurveda for treating gallbladder and urinary tract disorders. In addition to that, if the person suffering from prostate enlargement takes this medication, it will have a powerful impact. But ensure that before taking this ayurvedic medicine, consult some good Ayurveda practitioner.


  1. Cucurbita pepo

They are also called pumpkin seeds that have beta-sitosterol, which is a type of compound very similar to cholesterol. Many of the ayurvedic studies proved that this beta-sitosterol helps in improving the urine flow from the body and also helps in emptying the bladder from urine.

In another report it is found that, if men will take 10 grams of pumpkin seeds on a daily basis, then they will easily get rid of various symptoms of BPH.


  1. Sweet Chandan

It is mainly found in the southern part of India which is a parasitic tree that buries its roots with surrounding trees and intakes nutrition. This medication is also very helpful in tension, headache, anger, and not the least depression.Best part is, Swet Chandan is very useful for urinary tract infection, which means it is useful in reducing symptoms of BPH by eliminating infection.


  1. Lycopene

Lycopene is a type of pigment mainly found in numerous fruits and vegetables. According to one study, it is found that lycopene helps in slowing down the progression of BPH.

If you talk about various fruits and vegetables that have lycopene, tomatoes are rich in lycopene. Usually, if you want to know which fruit or vegetable is rich in Lycopene, then it should be deeper pink or red in shade.

Various other sources of lycopene are: –

  • Papaya
  • Carrots
  • Guava
  • Red cabbage
  • Watermelon
  • Red bell peppers
  • Apricots
  • Pink grapefruit


  1. Green tea

Green tea is also rich in antioxidants which enhances the immune system and also slows down the symptoms of prostate enlargement.

But, on the other hand, green tea also contains caffeine that worsens the symptoms of BPH. So, drink under the supervision of an expert.

Ayurvedic treatments for prostate enlargement.

So, if you take these ayurvedic medications in prostate enlargement,

then you can easily get rid of this problem and lead a happy life.